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Chilton Medical Center faces serious financial woes

The Chilton Medical Center faces serious financial issues. Source: WBRC video The Chilton Medical Center faces serious financial issues. Source: WBRC video

Financial problems could force a hospital to close it's doors if it doesn't get much needed funding.

Chilton Medical Center is having to make tough decisions right now. At one point employees of the hospital were concerned whether they would even get paid this week.

Ted Chapin, the CEO of the hospital, says he told the employees they would be paid a few days late, and there was even the concern that when they got paid some of those checks could bounce. He's doing everything in his power to figure out the problem and says his employees are his top priority, but this problem reaches outside the hospital walls and people in the community are concerned.

"It is very scary," said Amanda Cunningham who works across the street at MRI of Clanton. 

She says Chilton Medical is the only hospital between Montgomery and Alabaster.

"We really need it. This is very bad for our community. It's a small hospital but it does a lot of business for outpatients. You can do mammograms, you can do CTs, you can do ultrasounds. They also save lives," said Cunningham.

Mary Martin agrees with Cunningham. Last March her husband had a heart attack. She says had it not been for Chilton Medical, she could have been raising their daughter Aspen alone.

"They brought him here and sent him to Alabaster," said Martin. "They said had Clanton not been here he would have died on the way to the hospital in the car. He never would have made it. And that's kind of sobering."

Both Martin and Cunningham have heard rumors of employees not getting paid, or having some benefits cut. They just hope Chilton Medical can figure out something before time runs out.

"It's a great resource. My biggest concern is we are so far away and what are we going to do if we have an emergency," said Martin.

Chapin says what the hospital needs is an investor. They are working with potential buyers to take over the hospital. In the meantime, he's trying to stay as transparent as possible by keeping employees informed about what's going on, and keeping this hospital functioning. 

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