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Guilty verdict handed down in Center Point manslaughter trial


The jury has come to a verdict in the trial of Jessica Branham. Branham is the woman accused of running over 46-year-old Randy Colburn in the parking lot of Cici's Pizza in Center Point last August.

Branham was found guilty of reckless manslaughter, a conviction that brings a possibility of 2 to 20 years in prison. The verdict was handed down just before noon on Wednesday, Sept. 19. Branham did not appear to have much of a reaction during the reading of the verdict, but Randy Colburn's daughter began crying.

Only one witness testified during Wednesday's portion of the trial before attorneys made closing arguments. The prosecution says Branham was playing "Russian roulette" with her car and cocaine. According to the attorney, Branham had pulled over in the Cici's parking lot to shoot up with cocaine for the third time that day in preparation for a long day at work as a Sonic car hop. This is when Branham is believed to have blacked out and struck Colburn with her Kia Sorento.

The defense said the incident is full of "white lies." He questioned whether Colburn had stepped in front of the car and asked why Colburn's son had not attempted to warn his father of the oncoming vehicle. As for the cocaine, the defense explained that it was in preparation for a long day and maybe it was not reckless as much as it had not been a smart move.

The judge allowed Branham to be out on bond and under house arrest until her sentencing on Nov. 9. She will also have to be drug tested periodically. During the trial, Branham told the judge that she is pregnant.

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