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Food truck operators hold festival at Railroad Park


Food truck operators hope a weekend festival will help them get more support from city leaders.

Railroad Park was home to the "Trucks by the Tracks" festival Sunday. Visitors got a taste of what the trucks have to offer.

This week, the Birmingham City Council is set to consider more regulations for the growing food truck industry. Some downtown restaurants have asked the city to set strict limits on trucks to make sure the competition is fair. Those we talked with at the festival believe food trucks will help Birmingham.

"They're wanting to make it so that everyone is happy, which is a tall order. I think they'll talk it through and find what will work best for everyone," said Camille Spratling, who organized the event.

"We've excited. A very urban lifestyle is good for Birmingham, I think, said Taylor Lane.

The city council is set to discuss the new food truck issue tomorrow.

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