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NC delegates ready for closing night in Charlotte


Delegates from North Carolina arrived extra early Thursday to claim their seat for the closing night of the Democratic National Convention.

President Barack Obama delivers his acceptance speech in primetime and Tar Heel delegates are fired up about what he's going to say.

Pat Cotham has lived in Charlotte sine 1987 helping former inmates get a job.

While Cotham has loved having the convention in her home city; partying with her fellow Democrats, she wants the President not to speak to the delegates but rather, the American people.

"Don't talk to us," Cotham said. "Talk to the millions of struggling families out there who are not yet on the Obama bus."

Cotham said she knew many families even here in Charlotte are hanging on by a thread.

"The President needs to show these families that he will steel this thread," Cotham said.

Jacksonville native Georgia Fonville was in her seat by 4 p.m.

Fonville is a retired principal and lifelong educator who now runs a Bible school at her church.

"The president needs to remind us all that what he has started will be finished," Fonville said. "In the next four years he will put us over the top."

Fonville said Obama needs to just layout his plan for the American people to get a look at.

"I released listening to the First Lady Tuesday evening that my family sacrificed a great deal so I could be where I'm at today and I think the President needs to share that message of shared sacrifice to America," Fonville said.

They one phrase that all the N.C. delegates seemed to use describe the speech.

"Very hopeful."

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