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Greek Style Beef Tenderloin

Greek Style Beef Tenderloin

The Bright Star Restaurant


4       9-10 oz tenderloins cleaned and butterflyed

2       cups Olive Oil

4 oz  Lemon Juice

2 Tbsp Garlic

2 teaspoon Oregano

Salt and Pepper to taste

6 oz Butter

Marinade: Combine the olive oil, three ounces of lemon juice, 1 1/2 Tablespoon garlic, 1 teaspoon oregano and salt and pepper to taste. Place tenderloins in marinade for two to three hours.

Sauce for topping: Melt the butter. Add remaining garlic, lemon juice and oregano. Mix thoroughly.

Broil or Char-broil tenderloins to desired temperature. Transfer to serving plate and top with two ounces of sauce.

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