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Artur Davis talks about his upcoming RNC speech


Former Democratic Alabama Congressman Artur Davis says he will be reaching out to disaffected Democrats in his speech at the Republican National Convention.

Davis talked to Janice Rogers in a surprise interview on Good Day Alabama on Tuesday morning. Rogers had been interviewing the Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, Bill Armistead, when Armistead offered to get Davis to discuss his upcoming speech. Artur Davis had not talked with media in Alabama since he moved to Virginia and changed his party affiliation from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

Davis' appearance at the RNC has created quite a buzz. As a national co-chair for Barack Obama in 2008, Davis now is throwing his support behind Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney. On Good Day Alabama, Davis told us that he had supported Obama and believed he could make changes.

"I'm trying to capture that stream of disaffected Democrats who voted for the President in 2008 because they believed the promises would materialize, they believed the country would come together and they believed that the presidency would be able fix the economy," said Davis.

According to Davis, the shock some felt at his party switch should not have come as such a surprise.

"While in the Democratic Party, I was constantly attacked for being too conservative, for being a closeted Republican. Now that I've gone official, People profess to being shocked at that," said Davis. "I was a conservative Democrat; I'm a right-of-center Republican. I'm happy to be one."

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