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Candidate for Ala. Chief Justice says party is trying to pull him from the ballot

Harry Lyon. Source: WBRC video Harry Lyon. Source: WBRC video

A Democratic candidate for Alabama Chief Justice believes he will be pulled from the ballot. Friday, the Alabama Democratic Party will hold a hearing to determine if Pelham attorney Harry Lyon is a fit candidate.

"Oh this is nothing but a kangaroo type hearing. A kangaroo tribunal decision has already been made to take me off the ballot," Lyon said.

Lyon won the Democratic primary with no opposition. But, after Roy Moore won the Republican nomination Lyon says there began efforts to remove him from the race. Lyon says a Shelby County Democratic Party official even offered him trial lawyers' contracts to drop out of the race.

"How much is it going to cost to get out you off. Ching, ching, ching like the sound of a slot machine, like Milton McGregor's casino. I said no amount I'm not for sale," Lyon said.

The Democratic Party has accused Lyon of violating party by-laws for judicial candidates maintaining ethical behavior, which are as follows:

1. The people are entitled to honest and ethical behavior.

2. That it's the right of every Alabamian to face the future with dignity and without fear.

3. The Democratic Party stands justice under the law."

4. It's the duty of all public servants to relentlessly support and enforce the highest ethical standards.

"We believe Mr. Lyon has engaged in an increasing bizarre fashion over the last couple of weeks. He has made comments in a lot of forums," Bradley Davidson, Executive Director of the Alabama Democratic Party, said.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead says the Democrats are trying to handpick a candidate.

"If they want to do a comeback do it the normal way they do it. That is get engaged, have primary and get your best candidate then we go against each other in November. They are not doing that. They are doing backroom politics at it's worst," Armistead said.

Lyons says there will be voter backlash, much like the Bill Baxley and Charlie Graddick fight over the Democratic nomination for governor in 1986 where the party gave the nomination to Baxley after Graddick's primary win.

"There is going to be a voter backlash and it's not about caring for me whether I won or lost. It's about disenfranchising voters. Taking away their right to vote for a candidate," Lyon said.

Lyon says the Democratic Party wants to name Jefferson County Judge Robert Vance, Jr. to the nomination.

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