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Editorial: Guns

The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, July 17, 2012:

Our news has been filled with the latest of this summer's violent incidents.   I was talking with some folks about the Tuscaloosa shootings and one person said, "There have been so many of these (violent crimes), they're beginning to run together.  Another person said…"We are tired of the vigils."

The violence is not limited to one area, one city, one age group or gender…it's pervasive.  In fact, it's become part of our culture…the coarsening of our culture.  We see violence around us everywhere, and seemingly, have become desensitized to it. 

Guns in the home for protection, guns for hunting and target shooting are not the "target"…forgive the pun…of this editorial.  And, certainly as Americans, we want to protect all of our constitutional rights, including the 2nd Amendment…that is, the right to bear arms.  However, reason… good common sense says, we have to find a responsible way to determine who and who does not have access to assault weapons.

Another person said to me today…"millions of weapons are out there and criminals will always have access to them"…I'm sure that's true.  But do we just throw up our hands and say there is nothing we can do…before the crime happens… for those who are victims of violent home invasions…or road rage…or those simply enjoying an evening out, sitting peacefully in a place of business when someone decides to walk in and shoot several of them?  Do we all…I mean all of us…just put on some six-shooters and let the best shot win?  Or we take the considerable time and effort required to figure this out?  What do you think?

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