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SCLC responds to the all-white pastors conference


A community fired up, planning to send a message of its own, after flyers show up advertising a Christian Pastor's Conference... only for white people.

That flyer started appearing in Winfield, a town in northwest Alabama.

Reverend Calvin Woods, with the Southern Leadership Conference says, "It sounds like racism to me. Everyone has the right to peaceful assembly, but to just point out you only want white Christians, that doesn't sound Christian. To me at all, sounds like something satan would want."

Organizers of the "all white" annual pastors conference explained why it's open to only white Christians.

William Collier said, "We don't have the facilities to accommodate other people. We haven't got any invitations to black muslim events. Of course, we are not invited to Jewish events and stuff."

Mel Lewis said, "We have a right as Americans to meet, to pray, to assemble. If someone is offended too bad"

Reverend Woods can't believe pastors are associated with such a gathering that excludes some of God's people. Woods said, "Real Christians should are working to eradicate racism."

The group calls itself the Christian Identity Ministries. It's not listed as one of the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate groups. There are 32 active hate groups in Alabama.

Tom Burgess is shocked so much racism still exists.

Burgess said, "There is a level of intolerance that exists. I just think it's a move in the wrong direction."

Kimberly Ellis isn't surprised by people who still hate others because of their skin color, she added, "...especially in Alabama."

Ellis said, "We're in the south, it's where they grew up, where they started. If people are still teaching their children the same thing, they learn it. I expect it."

This is the 4th year for the "white only" pastor's conference.

The organizers say there has not been any trouble in the past and they don't expect any this year.



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