Tough season for roofers

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - If you've never had an appreciation for roofers you may after standing out in this double-digit heat.

"You figure it's 100 degrees. 102 out today, something is what my truck is saying. It's probably 130, 140 degrees up on that deck," said Kenny Sawyer with Horizon Roofing.

Sawyer knows all too well about the extreme conditions where roofers work. He did it for many years. So how do these guys stay cool when it's like a sauna up there?

Hydrating always helps but it's also the clothes. You may think wearing the minimal amount is the way to stay cool but it's just the opposite.

Layering, Sawyer says will help keep you cool.

"The sun bakes on you, you know. When that sun is baking on your skin you're getting a lot hotter. You've got those clothes on it's going to get wet from perspiration. You catch a breeze you cool off a little but you know what I mean, it protects you," said Sawyer.

Elijah Baur may not be sporting the long sleeve shirts while standing out in the hot sun. He no longer stands in the hot sun twirling his Little Caesar's Hot and Ready sign for nine and a half hours.

Now, it's only four and a half because of the blistering sun.  "Really, to be honest, the first hour is the killer. The first 30 minutes and then after that you kind of get acclimated," said Baur.

Whether you get acclimated, drink like a fish this summer, or cover up, you have to give credit to those who continue to beat the heat.

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