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Newk's Famous Chicken Salad and Pimento Cheese

Newk's Famous Chicken Salad:

5 lb.  Cooked Chicken
1 tsp.   Lemon Juice
1 cp.  Diced Pecans
¼ cp.  Diced Red Onions
½ cp.  Diced Celery
1 qt.  Mayo
2 cp.  Sliced Grapes (seedless)
 2 finger pinch Black pepper
2 finger pinch  Celery Salt
1 finger pinch  Salt
2 finger pinch  Sugar

Mix all ingredients together except Grapes. Mix thoroughly. Then fold in Grapes

Newk's Express Café Pimento Cheese

3lb. Shredded White Sharp Cheddar
5lb. Shredded Yellow Sharp Cheddar
20oz. Peeled, Drained, diced Pimentos
1tb. Worcestershire Sauce
6cp Mayo
1 finger Pinch  Salt
2 finger pinch Black Pepper
2 finger pinch Sugar
1 finger pinch Cayenne Pepper

Mix all ingredients thoroughly together in a large mixing bowl. Let sit refrigerated for at least 8 hours. Serve as an appetizer with crackers or bread sticks

GDA Cooking - June 25, 2012

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