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Gov. Bentley responds to AZ immigration ruling

Governor Robert Bentley. Governor Robert Bentley.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley responded Monday morning to the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on the Arizona immigration law, saying Alabama and Arizona's immigration laws are similar, but not identical.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday that three of the four parts of Arizona's immigration law were unconstitutional. The court upheld the most controversial portion of the law which allows law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of anyone who has been stopped or detained for violating other laws.

Gov. Bentley issued this statement in response to the Arizona immigration law ruling:

"While Alabama's anti-illegal immigration law has similar provisions as Arizona's law, the laws are not identical. We will analyze the Supreme Court opinion to see what potential effect it might have on the provisions of Alabama's law. State laws on immigration are required because the federal government has refused to enforce its own immigration policies. The bottom line to Alabama's law is this: if you live and work in the state, you must do so legally. The people of Alabama want a strong immigration law, and I will keep my commitment to uphold and enforce Alabama's anti-illegal immigration law.

The core of Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law remains. The Supreme Court has affirmed that states can determine how they will interpret and enforce their anti-illegal immigration laws. We are pleased that the Court recognizes the important roles of states in enforcing immigration laws."

During a press conference held in Daphne, Ala. on Monday, Bentley stated that he will have to wait and see how the 11th Circuit Court rules on the Alabama immigration law. Bentley also announced in the news conference the details on the state's first-ever sales tax holiday for weather preparedness items. This year's sales tax holiday will be held July 6-8. Starting in 2013, the sales tax holiday will be observed the last weekend of February.

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