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Eight Pell City students arrested for senior prank

The entry way for Pell City High School. Source: Dixon Hayes The entry way for Pell City High School. Source: Dixon Hayes

It's a hefty price to pay for a senior prank: Eight students at Pell City High School have been arrested for a prank that cost the school $10,000 to clean up.

A week before graduation, eight senior students were caught on tape filling the school's hallways with fire extinguisher fluid, eggs and flour. Police used surveillance video to identify the eight suspects and arrested them Thursday, May 17.

The Pell City Police Department has released the names and ages of seven of the suspects, who will be charged as adults:

-Samuel Alex McCloud, 18

-Alexander Hopson,  19

-Jonathan Grimes Jr., 18

-Haley White, 18

-Desmond Dawkins, 19

-Jarrod Chapman, 18

-Devon Jones, 18

Another suspect, a 17-year-old male, was arrested but his identity will not be released because he is a juvenile. All of the suspects were males except for Haley White.

The seven adult suspects have been charged with third degree burglary and first degree criminal mischief. The 17-year-old is headed to juvenile court.

The prank was discovered by a Pell City police officer who routinely checks the school's doors to make sure they are locked. When the officer checked the school early Thursday morning, he officer found one of the school's doors open. Police have not said how they think the pranksters got inside the school.

The mess created such a slip-and-fall type of hazard that students who arrived to the high school Thursday morning had to stay in the performing arts center until the hallways were clean. Cleaning company ServPro was called in to clean up the prank, which will cost the school around $10,000.

Pell City principal Helene Bettinger says students are taking final exams this week. She also said school is still in session and students resumed their classes as soon as the mess was cleaned up around lunchtime. 

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