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Eight Years Later: Gina DeJesus disappearance

Eight years ago Monday, a mystery began. What happened to Gina DeJesus?

Gina was walking home from school when she vanished.

Monday night family, friends and activists gathered for a vigil at W. 105th and Lorain -- the same spot the 14-year old was last seen.

"My daughter's been missing eight years, and I'm still fighting," said Felix DeJesus.

Felix Dejesus is still fighting the nightmares that come when he tried to sleep and he's fighting for the lives of other children by warning parents that what happened to Gina could easily happen to their children too.

No one knows why Gina disappeared but some members of her family believe she was taken by human traffickers.

Cleveland Police are still working on Gina's case, as well as several other cases of young girls who disappeared under similar circumstances.

In Cleveland the numbers of missing kids since 2006, are too large to ignore.

The FBI and Cleveland Police are offering a $25,000 reward for information related to Gina's disappearance.

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