Alabama Medicaid Commissioner resigns

The Alabama Medicaid Commissioner R. Bob Mullins, Jr., has announced his resignation. See the release from Alabama Medicaid below for details:

Dr. Mullins was appointed Medicaid Commissioner in January 2011 by Governor Robert Bentley following more than 37 years as a family physician in the east Alabama city of Valley. Dr. Mullins has agreed to remain at the Medicaid agency for a short time to facilitate the transition to a new Commissioner.

"There are a number of urgent and compelling issues that must be addressed to maintain the financial health of the state and the overall health of a growing number of Medicaid recipients. I came to this position with a clinical background which is important. However, the current budget environment requires a different set of skills, and I want to give Governor Bentley the opportunity to bring in a person to meet that need," Dr. Mullins said.

The resignation is effective April 30.