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Movie 'October Baby' made in Alabama is on the big screen


October Baby shot entirely in Alabama debuted Friday in theaters across the country.

Some of the movie's stars returned to Birmingham for the premier Friday night.  A good size crowd greeted the celebrities. They lined the red carpet outside the Carmike Cinemas at the Summit as the stars arrived.  The actors and actresses stopped to take pictures with fans.

For lead actress Rachel Hendrix, being from Alabama made shooting this movie easy. "Very comfortable almost too comfortable. It was like I would walk onto the set and I wouldn't feel like I was on a movie," said Hendrix.

Hendrix is originally from Dothan and graduated from the University of Montevallo.  In the movie, she plays a college student who learns she survived a botched abortion. With the religious undertones, the movie has a large faith based following.

"We have an incredible following not only from the faith based community but the pro life community as well because the film deals with an abortion survivor so we're just seeing an incredible amount of support," said Hendrix.

"I liked this movie because it wasn't a statement film or political film. It has a message of forgiveness," said former American idol star Chris Sligh. Sligh plays himself in the film and says he's excited to be back in Alabama.

"It's good to be back in Birmingham. This is where I started my American Idol journey 5 1/2 years ago so it's good and this is my first movie and I've been waiting to do my first movie so this is like coming back full circle," said Sligh.

The entire film was shot in Alabama with a $1 million budget. The filmmakers, Jon and Andrew Erwin, are originally from Birmingham and knew central Alabama would provide the perfect backdrop.

"We're glad to be here rather than somewhere else and I say every time I go out to LA get me back to Alabama," said Andrew Erwin.

Erwin says he wouldn't have been able to make this film without the state's help.  "Without what the state did with the incentives package I couldn't live in this state I couldn't make movies in this state. I would have to move to Georgia or Tennessee and I'm an Alabama native so to be able to work here and bring jobs to the state is special for me," said Erwin.

The film originally debuted in 14 theaters in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee this past fall. It saw great success and was picked up for national release.  Now it's on 390 screens across the country.




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