Bentley comments on important state issues

While attending a ceremony at a new Mercedes supply plant in Vance, Governor Bentley gave an impromptu interview about several important issues in Alabama.

He said that he hopes the state will have a decision soon on how to proceed with the downsizing of state mental health hospitals. Construction had begun on a new facility in Tuscaloosa, but the state has stopped work while the governor and state mental health officials review their plan.

FOX6 News reporter Kelvin Reynolds then asked the governor about his view of the health mandate that would require employers, including religious organizations, to provide contraception.

Bentley said that some national decisions that had been made were made "incorrectly" in relation to religious freedom of some organizations. He also said that if a religious organization doesn't want to provide contraception to its employees because it contradicts their beliefs, the government should respect that stance.

Bentley also praised Alabama for its recovery after last year's devastating round of tornadoes. He said that according to federal officials, Alabama has recovered better than any other state. Of the 20 recommendations made by the Tornado Recovery Action Council, the state has already completed four and is working on a fifth recommendation.

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