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Eight survived violent wreck in Trussville


Trussville police are still investigating a bad wreck that happened on Queenstown Road Thursday. It was a two car accident that sent six teens and an elderly couple to the hospital.

Shards of glass and a rearview mirror still remain on Queenstown Road at the corner of Forest Road, reminders of the two-car wreck. Eyewitnesses still talk about what they saw.

Kathy Scott said, "Those kids were messed up." Johnny Adams said, "I was shocked. They were very fortunate." Adams is surprised everyone survived.

Six teens were in the car and an elderly couple in the SUV, they were all rushed to the hospital. Bruce Valdez twisted his ankle running from his home to see if he could help.

Valdez said, "I saw a lot of blood saw. The kids they were kind of moaning, everyone out of it. The driver he was kind of in bad shape. His head was on the steering wheel, unconscious. The door would not open. I was beating on the window to get some kind of response out of him."

Valdez was relieved after learning everyone survived, but he's not surprised a crash like this happened. Valdez said, "It's a stretch of road where they go at it."
The speed limit is 25mph, but Valdez says drivers go 45 or faster on the narrow, hilly road. Police say the car with 6 teens inside was speeding when it collided with the SUV. Police also say the SUV was making a U-turn in the road when at the time of the crash.

Kathy Scott says it's yet another accident on her road. Scott said, "We had one three weeks ago. Somebody in a van hit another, ended up in a ditch. Then another a couple of girls their car ended up in the ditch."

Adams hopes this latest wreck will show how dangerous the road can be. So drivers will be more careful.
Adams added, "The road is an okay road, well traveled. People just need to watch their speed."

Trussville Police Chief Don Sivley says the six teens in one vehicle were all around 16 and 17 years old. Under Alabama's graduated driver's license law, sixteen and seventeen year old drivers, licensed less than six months, should not have that many teen passengers.

Sivley says police do set up on Queenstown road to monitor speeding.

The folks im the neighborhood say they'd like to see more of that on different parts of the road.     

They say a bigger police presence will probably help to slow down drivers.

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