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CrazyBracket: Is your bracket broken yet?

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Day 2

8:48 p.m.

Duke choked. They had everything going for them. They wear blue and lost to a team that wears brown -- no team that wears brown has ever won a national championship. (I just made that up, but I am probably right). 

6:07 p.m.

That was not a hallucination and your TV set is not broken. Norfolk State, seeded 15th, sent second-seeded Missouri packing, and looked pretty darn cool doing it. They are a well-coached, disciplined team that did not fold under pressure, and their nickname is awesome: THE SPARTANS! They kicked Missouri down that endless hole in the ground and said "This... is.... SPARTA!" President Barack Obama had Mizzou going all the way to the Final 4, so like a lot of his fellow Americans, the commander-in-chief's bracket is as broke as the Ten Commandments. Speaking of another game and an interesting coincidence, has anybody else noticed how much St. Louis coach Rick Majerus looks like his team's mascot, The Billiken? A bald, round-headed mischievous creature that brings good luck?

3:22 p.m.

Get the picture. Alabama trails Creighton by 1 with four seconds left.  Coach calls a time out. Sets up a play - allegedly The play evidently involves some guy in the vicinity of the top of the key firing up an off-balance 3-pointer that's a long-distance phone call from the basket with a defender's hand in his face. It fell about six feet short.

Jeez. Creighton wore blue, I graduated from Alabama. This is a clear case of allowing my heart to get in the way of logic.

2:40 p.m.

(RNN) - Cincinnati did everything in its power to blow a big lead, but held on to beat Texas.

I picked UC because Doug Mosley, an old buddy of mine, is the associate athletic director of something or other for the Bearcats.

Doug was not involved in the ugly brawl earlier in the season between Xavier and Cincy. He had nothing to do with that. If I know Doug, he was hiding under a chair.

Doug is a man of peace - and barbecue. That boy loved him some barbecue and he always paid whenever we went to Dreamland - yet another reason to root for Cincinnati. And if you've never been to Dreamland, go.

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