UPDATE - FOX6 StormWarn service changing


Since 1999, FOX6 has provided free severe weather email alerts from FOX6 StormWarn. In that time, we have delivered more than 65 million severe weather email alerts to people all over north and central Alabama.

The company which powers the FOX6 StormWarn email alerts, StormNow.com, notified us earlier this year it was ceasing operations effective April 1, 2012. Since that time, we have worked with our current weather forecast email provider to add optional severe weather weather email alerts.  That option is now available.

To continue receiving automated email severe weather alerts from FOX6 StormWarn beyond March 31, 2012, you must subscribe to our new email alerts option.

To subscribe, please visit:


which, when clicked, will take you here:


Once you get there, you will see a box in the middle of the screen.

Click the "Weather Forecast Email Sign Up Today!" link and follow the instructions for creating an account. You will be asked to supply your email address, desired password, location (city/state) for the daily Weather E-mail Delivery and location (city/state) for the Severe Weather Alert E-mail Notifications.

Note: If you currently receive our daily weather email forecast every morning around 5 a.m., then click the "Existing Subscribers Click here to update your settings" link to add your location (city/state) to the Severe Weather Alert E-mail Notifications section.

Once subscribed, you will receive email alerts for the following types of severe weather:

    Flash Flood Warning
    Hurricane Warning
    Hurricane Watch
    Severe Thunderstorm Warning
    Tornado Warning
    Tropical Storm Warning
    Tropical Storm Watch
    Tsunami Warning
    Winter Storm Warning
    Inland Hurricane Warning
    Inland Hurricane Watch
    Inland Tropical Storm Warning
    Inland Tropical Storm Watch
    Severe Local Storm Warning
    Severe Weather Warning
    Blizzard Warning

IMPORTANT: You will receive email alerts for only the location (city/state) you choose. This system cannot deliver email alerts for multiple locations.

If you want to receive email alerts for more than one location, you will need to subscribe using a separate email address for each desired location.

Note: Because of the differences in the new system versus the old system, it is impossible to automatically move our subscribers from the old database to the new one. The old system subscribed people by county, whereas the new system asks you to enter a city/state location for alerts.


There are several other ways to receive automated severe weather alerts from FOX6. You can get severe weather alerts via one of our smartphone apps, including the WBRC Wx app and the iMap WeatherRadio app. You can also sign up for severe weather text alerts in the MyFoxAL.com Preference Center.

Apps: www.myfoxal.com/apps

Preference Center: www.myfoxal.com/alerts

You can also sign up for severe weather alerts from Saf-T-Net, a statewide severe weather alert service. Saf-T-Net offers alerts via phone, text, or email to up to four locations in the state of Alabama. To sign up, visit www.myfoxal.com/safe.

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