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Open It! Rx

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Everything these days seems to come packaged in boxes and cartons that would leave one to believe it would be impossible to open them. Now there's answers to all those pesky problems. Zebra Companies markets a series of three products designed for women by women to open things. I've already tested the first product in that series, 'The Open It', now I'm testing their second product called 'The Open It RX.' This gadget is designed to help you open medicine bottles and blister packs with ease.  I'll 'Try It Before you Buy It.'

'The Open It RX' is suppose to make it so much easier to open Advil and Aleve medicine bottles along with anything that is sealed in a blister pack or safety sealed with plastic. And keep in mind, it is tailored to only open the name brands of Aleve and Advil! I missed that when I first looked at the packaging. It won't help in opening prescription bottles!  My first hurdle was opening the package itself. 'The Open It RX' is less than easy to open itself! I had to resort to an old 'Try It Before You Buy It' test product, the 'Package Shark' to get the product out!  Once out of the package...on with the testing.

'The Open It RX' is equipped with a small razor blade cutter at one end that's protected by a plastic sheath. My first test was to use that blade to see if it would really make it easier to open blister packages like you find with over the counter allergy medications. It took me a few tries but I was finally able to cut through the blister pack. Be extra careful when using the razor on the 'Open It'. It's extremely sharp and wield a nasty cut if you're not careful.

Next test was to see if the claims of easily cutting through those plastic safety wrappers was true. Again, it cuts well, but for me I think it's just as quick to take them off the intended way if you can.

Since the 'Open It RX' was designed by women for women, I asked for other opinions from ladies at the station.  Amanda Jackson, one of our news producers, wasn't really that impressed with the product when it came to opening the cap of an Advil bottle.

"Yea it works but it's kinda hard, it's more trouble than I think it's worth."

Rhonda Harshfield, our art director, had a more positive opinion when I asked her to try it. She thought it worked well and would buy one for herself.

After testing the 'Open It RX' on the Aleve bottle and opening some plastic packaging from vitamin bottles, I found that the product does do what it promises. And for around $10 I can see where it would be a great help to anyone suffering from Arthritis or any other debilitating hand condition. It does make it easier to open the pinch tops on Advil and Aleve bottles, as well as pop tops from other medicine bottles along with plastic safety seals. Keep in mind though, it won't work on any prescription bottles. Those caps are just a little too small for the 'Open It RX.'

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