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Verizon restores service


Verizon says it has restored service to their customers who lost it during an outage that affected thousands of people Wednesday. The outage not only impacted customers in Birmingham, but Huntsville as well.

Nearly 300 towers went down, but why is still unknown.

"I felt like it was going back in time," said Jennifer Dome.

Dome and her friend Stephanie Gibson were trying to meet up at Railroad Park when their phones just stopped working. "We were G-chatting on email and we realized Verizon was down and weren't able to text to get in touch with each other.  We decided to meet up, use railroad park wireless, and send each other a tweet to where we were," said Gibson.

The ladies found each other pretty quickly, but the experience is one they won't forget. "I think we kind of panicked a little bit.  There was no other option. I certainly don't have a home line or a land line, this is it.  And once we go disconnected we didn't have a way to meet up," said Gibson.

Across town, Megan Daniel was dealing with the same problem.  "It was a little frustrating," said Daniel. "Being downtown and running errands, it was frustrating but it came back and I guess everything is back to normal."

While customers may have been inconvenienced, they do understand things like this do happen.

"I just think unlucky Verizon," said Gibson. 

Dome said, "I feel all the technology we use these days, you have to realize it's not always going to work and make other plans to get in touch with people."

Again, Verizon says service is now restored to all of their customers, and they apologize for any inconvenience this outage caused.

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