Former Auburn coach Tuberville named in federal lawsuit

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Seven investors have filed a lawsuit in federal court, claiming former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville and another man mismanaged their money.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in Montgomery, names Tuberville and T.S. Capital business partner John David Stroud. The plaintiffs say Tuberville and Stroud promised "above-average returns with below-average risk" on about $1.76 million dollars they invested. They now want to know what happened to their money, according to the filing.

Tuberville's attorney Victor Hayslip issued the following statement Tuesday on his behalf:

Coach Tuberville was surprised to learn of the pending lawsuit involving TS Capital Partners, LLC and he categorically denies any wrongdoing which has been attributed to him in this suit. He has never even met or spoken with most of the plaintiffs and he is acquainted minimally with the few other plaintiffs only because they were employees at TS Capital Partners, LLC. Coach Tuberville absolutely never solicited any investment from any of these or other individuals. It is important to note that Coach Tuberville himself invested significant funds and has never received any return from his own investment. Accordingly, he is hopeful the plaintiffs, who were employees, can help to provide answers as to what transpired. Coach Tuberville has cooperated with every regulatory inquiry and not a single one has asserted that he was involved in any wrongdoing. He intends to vigorously defend the allegations made against him and is confident he will be exonerated."

Stroud's attorney Kay Harris issued the following statement today on his behalf:

Mr. Stroud denies all the allegations of wrongdoing in the Complaint.  He did not solicit the plaintiffs to invest with TS Capital, and did not engage in the conduct of which he is accused.  He also feels compelled to make a statement because of the unwarranted media attention this matter has received, given Coach Tuberville's relationship with TS Capital.   Mr. Stroud wishes to make it clear that Coach Tuberville did not solicit any investments of any of the plaintiffs, and was not involved in the day-to-day operations of TS Capital.   Indeed, some of the plaintiffs were employees of TS Capital and were closely involved in the matters of which they complain in the lawsuit.  It is disingenuous and incorrect for them to claim now that Mr. Stroud or Coach Tuberville acted improperly with respect to any of them.  Given Coach Tuberville's lack of involvement with the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as the fact that he did not solicit the plaintiffs, Mr. Stroud can only surmise that he was named in this lawsuit to garner unwarranted media attention, which has apparently succeeded. Mr. Stroud will vigorously defend the accusations made against him.

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