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One person found shot to death at a Forestdale Jet-Pep


One person is dead after a shooting at a gas station in Forestdale Sunday afternoon.  The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office identified the victim as Edmund Reed, 34, of Birmingham.  He was shot and killed in the parking lot around 2 p.m.  The crime scene attracted a large crowd.

"We were just coming up this way from our church and I like to go run over by all this commotion and I just barely made it," said Patricia Williams, who attends church nearby.  "I'm leaving church.  Pulled up and I heard someone got shot.  I stopped and come to look," said Doneshia Atmore.

Lots of people stopped to look at the crime scene, but few knew exactly what went down.  "We're just hearing that someone drove up in another vehicle and just got out of control with a gun," said Williams, "If you look at his BMW you can see how the gunfire was erupting there.  There's shattered glass on the BMW and I'm told it might have hit him three times - the shots"

Pat Sanford is an employee at the Jet Pep.  She said she heard two shots fired.  When she looked out the window she saw the suspect fire two to three more shots. That's when she saw the suspect drive away.  "It's pretty shaky you know," said Sanford, "I just reached for the phone and called 911."

Sanford didn't get a close look at the suspect's face but she was able to share some valuable information with law enforcement.  "He was a black male.  I could see very much because he was standing - the way he was standing I could mostly see his back and him holding the gun out front shooting," said Sanford.

As of Sunday night, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department was still looking for Derrick Wayne Murray, 41, of Dora.  He's a suspect in the shooting.  Police found a 2008 Dodge Magnum at Murray's home in Dora.  They believe it's the same vehicle that was spotted at the crime scene.

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