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A witness adds more to the Bourbon Street Krystal's incident


We're learning more about that now viral video of an Alabama fan acting repulsively. The video shows Alabama fans abusing an unconscious LSU fan after the BCS championship game.

In one part of the video, a man in an Alabama jacket exposes himself and simulates a sex act atop the LSU fan.

"That one incident is over-shadowing all of the spirit that was down there this weekend," said Melanie Hendrix who was in New Orleans for the game.

Hendrix saw what happened and said there's more to this story than people know, starting with the LSU fan. "He was yelling and cursing at Alabama fans as they were walking by," said Hendrix. "The girl with him was back behind him, holding him back a little bit at time and at one point he got into a five second shoving match."

Hendrix says the LSU fan eventually made his way into the restaurant, but by this point, the girl he was with had enough. "I saw her leave him. She just walked out the door and walked down Bourbon Street and left him there and passed out, I mean completely passed out."

That's when Alabama fans started putting trash on him and taking pictures.  "At the time, I thought it was funny because he was just outside being a jerk."

But then things got carried away. "A little while later I look again and there is an Alabama fan standing behind the LSU fan passed out and he was exposing himself."

Hendrix says she turned away.  "A few minutes later I looked back over and the crowd had dispersed. The LSU guy was waking up and you could tell he was drunk.  It took him a minute to figure out where he was and get composed enough to get up. And then he ended up walking out the door, and walking down Bourbon Street by himself."

Hendrix says she didn't find out what the Alabama fan did until she saw the video. 

She said had she known what was really going on she would have helped. "That is horrible. I mean that's tacky. If we would have seen than we could have easily just yelled at the police officers."

Hendrix said there were police officers nearby, but they could not see what was going on with the fans.

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