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Viral video shows Bama fan tormenting LSU fan


A disturbing video has gone viral online.

It shows an Alabama fan tormenting an LSU fan who has passed out.

Before and after the BCS National Championship game there was plenty of trash talking between Alabama and LSU fans, but this is taking it to a whole new level.

In the cellphone video posted to and then removed from YouTube, a crowd of what appears to be Alabama fans gather around a man wearing an LSU T-shirt who appears to have passed out inside the Krystal's on Bourbon Street.

The crowd places empty fry boxes on the LSU fan's head, and as the video continues, some of the fans take their picture with the passed out man, one even puts his finger near or up the man's nose.

Almost three minutes in, the passed out fan stirs for a moment, then settles down and that's when a man dressed in Alabama gear puts part of his genitals near or on the passed out fan's face.

"At the least it's simple battery, absolutely at the least," said Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore. "They are touching him without his consent. Secondly, he takes his genitals out and rubs them on his body and then he actually, as you see, rubs them on his face. You know, sexual battery-the touching of another. If this were in Baton Rouge, and I could locate him and find him, I'd try to try him for anything I could try him for."

Moore doesn't have jurisdiction in this case, but Birmingham defense attorney Tommy Spina agrees.

He says this fan could be labeled a sex offender if convicted and says there may be ways prosecutors can find him.

"To have a video of a crime while it's occurring is a leg up for the prosecution if they can get someone who's in the video or someone who's not drunk anymore to come to their senses and feel they have some moral obligation to tell what they know," Spina said. "If that happens then you'll see it start to unravel."

The New Orleans Police Department tells our Raycom sister station WAFB-TV their sex crimes unit is investigating the incident, but say they need to identify the victim and have him press charges.

While no one believes this video represents how most Alabama fans act, it has gone viral and gotten a lot of hits on major news websites, so does Paul Finebaum think this hurts the Bama fan reputation?

"I'm not gonna come down too harshly on my fellow Alabamians," Finebaum said. "This rivalry's already as intense as any in college football. Is this going to make it even more intense?"

Albert Waterhouse, a spokesperson for Krystal issued this statement on the incident:

"We are appalled that this despicable incident would ever occur and something like this has never before happened in our restaurants.  According to the franchisee of this location, Big Easy Enterprises, one of their employees notified the manager as soon as they were aware of the incident taking place in the dining room, at which time they took action and dispersed the crowd."

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