Alabama vs LSU, take two

(L-R) A.J. McCarron and Tyrann Mathieu (WBRC photos)
(L-R) A.J. McCarron and Tyrann Mathieu (WBRC photos)

NEW ORLEANS (WBRC) - Whether or not you believe the Tigers and the Crimson Tide should play each other (again) for the national championship, they will... but both teams believe the outcome this time will be very different than what was seen Nov. 5.

"It wasn't that great of an experience coming out with a loss," says Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron. "As a team we felt like we kind of let it slip through our fingers and get away from us in the end, and hopefully this time we won't let that happen."

Many of the questions asked this week of players have revolved around the regular season matchup which ended with LSU defeating Alabama 9-6 in overtime. Neither team scored a touchdown, and players on both sides believe the opposition will be just as fierce the second time around.

"I think it's pretty much going to be the same," said LSU cornerback Morris Clairborne. "I mean, whoever can get the win can execute the technique and be in the right places."

Both teams, though, recognize a victory on Monday will not come easy.

"I think we definitely are facing a great team in all three phases of the game," said LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu. "We look at it from this standpoint:  Our playmakers, the guys who lead this team, you know, definitely are going to have to step up and play their best football and put our team in position to win this game."

"I think that's why it's such a cool opportunity to get to do it again, just because it's really not a secret," says Alabama offensive lineman Barrett Jones.  "We know what we're going to do and what they're going to do and it comes down to who wins in the trenches."

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