Notable quotes from BCS Media Day

NEW ORLEANS (WBRC) - From shopping trips for Mrs. Saban to eating AstroTurf, here are some of the more interesting comments overheard Friday at the BCS Media Day.

"It's actually interesting that someone out there has the perspective that I have more to worry about than just the game.  When we arrived here, Terry had two of her old sidekicks from Baton Rouge that she used to go shopping with at New Orleans meet her at the bus and she never even came up to the room. She loves to shop here.  We've been here when we haven't been able to get all the stuff in the plane to go home.  But if that makes her happy, I'm happy (laughter)."

- Alabama head coach Nick Saban when asked if he had planned to account for the whereabouts of his wife during the trip to New Orleans.

"I'm just ready to play the game. Practicing against your own team for so many days in a row definitely gets old. You guys, we never get tired of y'all; we love talking to you guys."

-- Barrett Jones on whether he is more tired of practicing or talking to the media

"Everybody is interesting. Down on Bourbon Street they have all types of things. They've got guys wearing women's clothing and there's people dancing, having a good time. But it seems like it's a good place to be."

Mark Barron on the most interesting thing he's see since arriving in New Orleans

"Mainly it's the practices that's weighing on us. You know what I'm saying? Get to the game. A lot of people just want to go and play the game. But I know here with Coach Saban it take time and preparation, and he's going to have us ready for the game."

-- Courtney Upshaw on how agonzing it is to wait until the game

"Of course we're trying to not get into any trouble. We have a good team. I don't expect anybody getting in any trouble, nobody looking for trouble. We're out here for strictly business for us and try to get the W come Monday."

-- Dont'a Hightower on trying to stay out of trouble in New Orleans.

"I got Facebook, all that stuff. I'm not really into it all. I just have it just to have it, really. He has rules about it. But at the same time he allows you to have it. But he doesn't want you putting anything out there to embarrass yourself or the team. You embarrass the team if you put something crazy out there, but also yourself."

-- Josh Chapman on whether he uses Facebook or Twitter and whether Coach Saban has any rules on it.

"Oh, yeah, most definitely, because we didn't win the first game. You've got to have a chip on your shoulder anytime you're playing any type of sport. I mean, as a competitor, as a man, you feel you should win all the time. I don't know a person that likes to lose. You play to win. And that's the bottom line. And that's what we're here for. And we're not shining unless we're winning. We're not here for nothing but for the National Championship. We're here for a trophy. That's what we agreed on, that's what we worked hard for all year, and that's what we're here for."

-- Trent Richardson on whether he feels like he has something to prove against LSU

"This feels like my family.  I have two sons and two daughters that have heard some of the same talks that these guys have heard and probably enjoy them in a very like fashion.  Some not so much and some a lot."

-- Les Miles on how much this team feels like family

"It's been fun. We had a lot of fun as a team. We've had a great experience so far. Only been down for about two days now. It's been a fun experience for everybody. We're just sucking it up and taking it all in."

-- Rueben Randle on how the team has enjoyed being away from Baton Rouge.

"I thought about it a lot. It would mean a lot to me to hold up that trophy, and LSU would do whatever it takes to hold up the trophy at the end of the day."

-- Jordan Jefferson on whether he has dreamed of hoisting the Coaches' Trophy after Monday's game.

"It's not often that two guys from the same school get this privilege to play in the national championship against each other. So while we're on the field we're going to be enemies, but in between the whistles we're going to be probably talking to each other saying what's up."

-- Eric Reid on how special it will be to play Monday against Eddie Lacy, one of his best friends from high school.

"There's one place we'd rather play, and that's Tiger Stadium. And if we can't play this game in there, then what better place than the Superdome. So we're honored to be here in New Orleans. Basically our backyard. And there's no place we'd rather be than here. "

-- Will Blackwell on where he would rather play the championship game.

"I don't think he'll be able to pick any of this and eat it. But he might have some in his pocket."

-- Brandon Taylor on whether Les Miles will be eating AstroTurf during the game Monday.

"Trash talk come with it. But I think both of these teams are both humble when it comes to each other. We both have a lot of respect for each other, and we respect each other on the field. The trash talk is just something that comes with the game."

-- Morris Clairborne on trash talking.

"Well, you know, to never give up, to never give in. And there's a lot of negativity surrounding the city. And it's a lot of people trying to pull youth down. So just strive for the best and just pray every day and work hard at what you want to be in life and keep guarding your life, and all those plans can come true."

-- Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu on what kids should learn from his college career

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