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Light the holidays with LEDs

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By Scott Meeks

Take a stroll or a drive down just about any neighborhood this time of year and the eco-friendly glow is clear and bright.  LEDs are adding quite a modern flair to traditional front yard displays.

"They're brighter and they have like this blue kind of festive tinge to them," explains Lee Raynes of Alexandria, VA.  "So as far as festive wise, they're more aesthetically pleasing and then the fact that they're green is awesome."

LEDs consume a fraction of the electricity that incandescent lights do.  Some use 90 percent less energy than the old lights.  And because they generate barely any heat - it's much safer for all you Griswolds out there who believe more is more!

"I've gotten rid of some of the other lights that didn't work and replaced them with LEDs this year," says Jeremy Peters of Alexandria, VA.

Peters and his family are also making the eco-switch.  He says phasing in LEDs is a process that anyone can and should do.

"Make use of what you do have.  If it ends up in a landfill that's never good for anybody," says Peters.  "And you know, as you replace stuff see what's available on the market because there's always new technology that comes out."

Once hard to find and a bit pricey, LED holiday lights are available just about everywhere now.  And while they're still a little more expensive, energy conscious decorators say it's well worth it.

"If I can use them for five years as opposed to the three or two years or even one year with the incandescents, then I'll get my money back in the long run," explains Peters.

Raynes also suggests everyone work a little GREEN into the holidays. 

"We're going to have more and more of them as the years go on," she says.

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