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Teachers learn how to use observations to increase critical thinking


The program is called "The Private Eye". It's not a way to teach you to spy on a neighbor but way for teachers to better instruct their students. The program was put on today at Botanical Gardens by the Alabama Hands on Activity Science Program at UAB's School of Education.

The program tells teachers to use simple objects as a way to look at things differently, such as jeweler's loupes. The idea is to use close observations to think by analogy in writing and drawing.

"'The Private Eye' program is a way to build a better brain than you already have. It a way to take what you know and make connections and learn new things and make that learning stick," Joan Dawson with ALAHASP said.

Once the teachers pick up their new learning methods, they will share these techniques with their students. One of the goals is to see the connections between math, science and literature.

You can learn more about the program at southernducationdesk.com.

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