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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Thanksgiving is less than a week away now. So for this week's 'Try It Before You Buy It' segment, I thought we'd check out another 'as seen on TV' product for your kitchen: the RoboStir.

The 'Robo Stir' claims to automatically stir while you cook. It's the so called, third hand in the kitchen! The device runs on three AAA batteries, it has three speeds and claims to be able to withstand temperatures as high as 550 degrees. But does it really do the job it promises? Since I'm such a bad cook, I decided to have a professional try it out. So I headed downtown to a restaurant that's famous for its sauces and Italian cuisine. Vincenzo's!

Chef Agostino Gabriele has been cooking professionally all over the world for over forty-years and definitely knows his way around the kitchen and every utensil. The first thing I noticed when walking into the kitchen at Vincenzo's was the huge pot of marinara sauce warming on one of their stoves. We decided that would be the perfect element in which to put the 'Robo Stir' to the test.

At first the 'Robo Stir' just sat there moving ever so slowly. Then Chef Agostino clicked the button on top of the stirrer to increase the speed level. By level three the 'Robo Stir' was moving around the pan gently 'caressing' the sauce as Chef Agostino put it.

"This looks like a nice product if you want to stay away from the sauce," Agostino said.

He was referring to being able to walk away from the sauce momentarily and not worry about it burning. That is the exact purpose of the 'Robo Stir' but I found several videos on YouTube of others around the country who bought the product and had less than positive experiences. One person posted their video of the 'Robo Stir' falling apart in their rue sauce while another video shows the stirrer completely coming to a halt in thick sauce, which eventually started to burn. But even though the Chef thinks it does work to some point, catching him using one of these in his kitchen just isn't going to happen.

"Not for professional use but for home use I think it could be." Chef Agostino went on to say that he "would buy it for my wife, nice present for Christmas!"

Although several unsatisfied owners of the 'Robo Stir' took the time to post their videos of how poorly the item worked, the professionals at Vincenzo's restaurant think it does a decent job of stirring whatever you may be cooking. Keep in mind the thicker the sauce or soup, the less likely the 'Robo Stir' will be efficient in its promise to keep your food from burning. Another thing to keep in mind, if your stovetop isn't exactly level, the stirrer will likely sit in one spot and not completely stir whatever is in the pot.

The 'Robo Stir' is not completely dishwasher safe, so make sure to read the directions completely before using, and never leave a stove unattended!

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