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Fairfield mother released on bond


Fairfield Police Chief Leon Davis tells Fox6 that Breanna Giles has been released tonight on $1,000 bond. She was arrested last night because police uncovered that she made up the whole abduction scenario. She was charged with filing a false report.  Davis says his investigators found out Giles had taken her five-week-old baby to a relatives house yesterday morning.  

According to Davis, "She told the relative she wasn't feeling well and going to the doctor. She then contacted us (Fairfield PD) around 1:30 pm with the alleged abduction. She then checked on the baby around 4:00 pm and ask the relative had she heard the news. After confirming the relative was unaware of what was going on, she asked the relative to watch the baby overnight. Then around 5:00 or 5:15 pm, she picked the baby up and claimed "someone" delivered the baby to her."

Chief Davis also told us the father had no knowledge the story was a work of fiction. The initial abuduction report mentioned a suspect claiming to be a DHR worker taking the baby. That was a hoax, but now the child is truly in DHR custody pending their investigation.

We asked DHR Public Information Manager Barry Spear about how to identify a case worker. Spear says case workers carry an ID with their name and department seal on it.In case of an emergency, a child could be removed temporarily without a court order but that would involve the authorities. A case worker would never show up alone requesting to take a child into custody.

"DHR doesn't have legal authority to remove a child from a home without a court order," Spear said in a statement to FOX6 News. 

Spear also says parents have the right to call DHR and/or the police to verify that the person at the door is a case worker before handing over a child.

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