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Talks of improving Highway 280 continue


So what should the folks in charge of Highway 280 do about the sometimes horrible traffic? Those discussions return as the public takes a new look at plans.

After the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham last meeting about the issue, people are crossing their fingers that projects are one step closer to alleviating the congestion along 280.

Meredith Davidson is no stranger to bumper to bumper traffic on Highway 280. In fact, she moved because of it. "It was congested, it was difficult to get to work. I was spending my entire life building what traffic was like on 280," said Davidson.

Since March of last year, members with the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham have been working with ALDOT to develop a plan to ease the congestion.

One solution is a transit system.

"The goal is to what we call a locally preferred alternative," said Mike Kaczorowski, Project Manager with the Regional Planning Committee. Five transit alternatives have been presented to help ease the traffic.

"They range from just increasing local bus like we have the max buses now and increasing the service of the local bus service all the way to building a lane that's solely dedicated to transit only," said Kaczorowski.

Alecia Cruzado isn't opposed to an upgraded bus system. She's been stuck in traffic many times trying to get to work.

"If it was convenient, if I could maybe stop close to here and then have a bus maybe kind of like a car pool or bus lane where it would be faster that would be really beneficial to me," said Cruzado. A benefit thousands of motorists hope is fixed soon.

The transit proposals are handled by the Regional Planning Commission. They hope to have a grounded plan by December. As for the elevated toll road, that's handled by ALDOT.

Studies are still in the works to determine if that's the best solution. The two companies are working together to come up with a final solution.

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