Halloween safety tips from Shelby County Sheriff's Office

Carving pumpkins, costumes and candy are what makes celebrating Halloween so much fun for kids and their families each year. To keep trick-or-treating a safe tradition in your neighborhood, keep the following tips from the Shelby County Sheriff's Office in mind.

And before you map out your trick-or-treating route this year, Sheriff Mike Hale with the SCSO also suggests looking up the registered sex offenders in the area. A link to an online sex offender registry for Alabama is included in his message below:

Halloween Safety Tips from Sheriff Curry and the Shelby County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Curry and the Shelby County Sheriff's Office would like you and your family to be cautious when heading out on your upcoming Halloween outing.  Be mindful of these basic Halloween safety tips:

  • Never let your children trick or treat alone. 
  • Never let younger children approach a home unattended and teach them to never enter a home or car without prior permission from a parent or guardian.
  • Exercise caution when crossing streets and roadways.  All children should wear reflective clothing and carry a glow stick or flashlight after dark.
  • Make sure that children can see and breathe unrestricted when wearing costumes and masks. 
  • Know where your children are and whom they are with at all times.
  • Talk openly with your children about safety practices and do not be afraid to discuss scenarios.
  • Teach children to resist any unwanted attention from a stranger by yelling, kicking and screaming "this person is not my father/mother".
  • Parents should inspect all candies and toys their children receive before allowing them to eat or play with it.

Sheriff Curry also encourages all citizens who plan on trick-or treating in Shelby County to visit our website, Shelbyso.com, before you leave for your outing.  At our homepage you will notice the "Sex Offenders" tab.  Simply click on this tab, and from here you will be able to see who the registered sex offenders are and where they are living.  You will also find some other important information that may be useful to you and your family.  The mapping and address feature found on the website pinpoints exactly where an offender lives.

While you are at our site, sign up for FREE automatic email notifications informing you if an offender moves within a specified radius of any address you register.  The alerts are in real-time and sent out via e-mail as soon as a new offender has registered with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

If you have any questions, or if you would like more information on safety or crime prevention, please contact Sergeant Russell Bedsole at 205-669-4181. Have a happy and safe Halloween outing!