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12-year-old driven to suicide over bullying


A 12-year-old in Chilton County took her own life.  Her family believes she hung herself because she was being bullied at school. It wasn't too long ago another Chilton County teen was lost over bullying.

"She tells me a lot, but she never told me she was being bullied," said Kisie Lee.

Lee says she didn't find out her daughter was being bullied until it was too late.  Her 12-year-old daughter, Dajia Lee hung herself Saturday.  Her mother found her hanging in the closet. "I just grabbed her and tried to revive her. I did CPR on her twice and I could not revive her," said Lee.

Lee had no idea why her daughter would take her own life, until Dajia's friends started talking.  "From my understanding it's more than just one girl. This is two different groups of girls and they are trying to make her chose whose friends she's going to be," said Lee.

There is now an official investigation looking into whether or not bullying caused Dajia to take her own life.

"If it is bullying, it should not have happened, especially after Alex's death," said Jill Moore.

Moore knows all too well the pain Dajia's mother is going through. She went through it herself when her daughter Alex jumped from an overpass. And just like Dajia, the Moore's had no idea their little girl was being bullied until it was too late. That's why the Moore's continue to fight to get the Alex Moore Anti Bullying Act passed, a law that would force schools to notify parents if their child is being bullied.

"I have said it from day one that Alex's death would not be in vain and that no other child, no other family would have to go through what she went through," said Moore.

Lee never thought she'd go through this, and now she too has a message for other parents. "Please sit down and talk to your kids, ask them if there's anything on their mind that's bothering them," said Lee.

Dajia was flown to the Children's Hospital in Birmingham Saturday night. She died Tuesday night. Her father, who was serving in Afghanistan, was able to be by his daughter's side before she passed. He's currently in Birmingham tonight with his other two sons.

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