JeffCo mayors discuss county road repairs in city limits

At their regular monthly meeting today, Jefferson County Mayors Association and county commissioners started out by agreeing to disagree. For now, they will not decide whether the cities or the county owns the county roads that run through city limits.

Jefferson County mayors and the County Commission have been in disagreement about which group is responsible for paying for necessary road repairs to the county roads within city limits, called "through roads." The mayors are opposed to their cities paying for the upkeep of county roads, but county commissioners say it's gotten too expensive to keep up the repairs and they can't afford to pay.

The two groups will try to obtain federal funding from the Metropolitan Planning Organiztion to pay for the road repairs for this year and next year. The MPO funding would provide 80 percent of the total cost of repairs and individual cities would be responsible for coming up with 20 percent of the total cost. The funding could be used to take care of some of the major county roads, but smaller cities still might not receive enough to repair their roads.

Trussville Mayor Gene Melton said "I'm pleased with the meeting but at some point, we will have to decide who owns these roads."

Wayne Sullivan, director of Roads and Transportation for Jefferson County, requested a list from each mayor of every county road that needs to be repaired in their cities.

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