Tuscaloosa city's tornado-related death toll rises to 51


Another elderly victim has been added to Tuscaloosa's list of tornado-related fatalities from the April 27 storms.

Thomas Calvin Hannah, 81, has been added to the list of fatalities. Hannah died on June 5. His death has been attributed to the tornado and he has been added to the list of victims. 

The city's official total from the storms is 42 victims who died from injuries sustained in the tornado. Since the storms, nine additional names have been added to the list of fatalities after it was determined the storms caused their deaths, bringing the total to 51.

In a news release about the additional fatality, the city stated:

Immediately following the storm, the City recognized that there would be a population of our citizens that may sustain health related issues or suffer from the trauma of coping with the impact of this event. We know that especially within our elderly population, as well as the children of our community, the effects of this disaster could be more difficult for them to overcome.