Chelsea boy, 7, names 5th African lion cub


A 7-year-old boy from Chelsea submitted the winning name for one of the new African lion cubs born at the Birmingham Zoo. Joshua Bradley chose the name "Baron" for the fifth lion cub born to lions named Akili and Kwanzaa. Baron's brother is named Vulcan and his sisters are Lily, Asha and Kimba.

During Labor Day Weekend, the zoo held a lion cub naming contest. As the winner, Joshua will also receive an heirloom birth certificate for Baron and have the distinction of "honorary big brother" to the cub.

"While all the cubs are extremely healthy and thriving, Baron has taken to eating meat faster than his siblings. He was not the heaviest cub originally, but has now surpassed the other four cubs in weight and tops the scale at 30 lbs,"  Tammy Morano, Predator Keeper at the Birmingham Zoo, said.

The cubs are 16 weeks old, in the "toddler" stage for lion cubs, and are still getting used to their surroundings. Visitors can see the cubs and their parents at the zoo.

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