Cross made from Twin Tower steel a gift from NYC firefighter

Ten years ago, Beverly Andrews headed straight to New York City after the 9/11 attacks to offer her services as a counselor to the firefighters who were heavily burdened by the weight of grief and survivor's guilt.

Andrews spent two months counseling firefighters from the station directly across from the Word Trade Center towers. One firefighter that she met and counseled, David Brinks, survived despite being mere yards from both of the towers as they collapsed. His partner died that day and Brinks struggled with the question of why he had the chance to live, when so many others didn't.

Andrews met with Brinks for a week and helped him work through some of his grief. At the end of the week, he thanked her with a gift of a cross made out of steel beams that came from the 102nd floor of the North Tower.

"When I went to pack it up today, it just carries so much weight. [S]o many memories, so many people related to the folks I met there, the family members I met there," Andrews said.

She brought the steel cross to be part of a display at a 9/11 remembrance ceremony held at the Homewood Church of Christ. The ceremony included a musical tribute that honored first responders and military personnel.

"Everyone has a 9/11 story. It's a moment you remember your life has changed forever, and our country was changed forever," Andrews said.