Kimberly officer dies from wreck-related injuries

Jarrod Stathers with his wife Kristi. Contributed.
Jarrod Stathers with his wife Kristi. Contributed.


Kimberly Police Officer and Trussville firefighter Jarrod Louis Stathers died today from injuries he sustained in a car wreck in early August that also killed his young son.

Officer Stathers and his family were on their way back from vacation when a tire blew out from their 2004 GMC Envoy at around 3:55 p.m. Monday, Aug. 1. Stathers lost control of the vehicle after the blowout and the car rolled over several times on I-65 about 12 miles north of Prattville.

Stather's 8-year-old son Shane Stathers was killed in the wreck. The accident also left Stathers' wife Kristi Stathers and her sister with minor injuries, and Officer Stathers in critical condition.

Stathers was treated for a serious head injury in a Montgomery hospital and was transferred to UAB during the week of August 8.

Stathers died from his injuries sustained in the wreck this afternoon, confirmed Kimberly Mayor Craig Harris.

Information about his funeral services will be added to this story when they are announced.

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