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The Amazing Pocket Chair

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It boasts to be the chair you can take anywhere. To the beach, sporting events and even camping. And it claims to be small enough to store right in your pants pocket. The 'Amazing Pocket Chair' is the latest 'as seen on TV' product that I get to "Try It Before You Buy It".

I thought what better place to check out the 'Pocket Chair' than the Kentucky State Fair. With so many people doing so much walking we'd surely find quite a few willing to try out the portable chair. And we did. Anna was walking around the main entrance so I asked her if she'd like to test it out. After sitting in the chair for a bit Anna seemed to be somewhat pleased.

"It's not bad!" But she says she wouldn't want to sit in it for a very long time but still thinks it's worth the ten dollar price tag.

'The Amazing Pocket Chair' is suppose to easily fit in any pocket. But when I tried to put the fold-up chair in my back jeans pocket, it didn't fit at all. Maybe if you plan on storing in a tackle box or backpack, you'd have better luck.

As far as weight limits on the chair, it claims to hold up to 250 pounds. I found Katie and Sarah outside the West Wing and asked them if they'd try out the 'Pocket Chair'. They both sat on it at the same time, and it held up nicely. Both girls said they buy one!

After a full day at the fair testing out the 'Amazing Pocket Chair,' I found that most people seemed to like it, but some felt it was a little too close to the ground for their liking. It's very easy to use as it unfolds from its carrying case easily and has a latch that easily fastened to keep the chair together in use. However, it does not fit into pockets easily. If you have a large purse, or fishing tackle box it'll store much better. The one problem I found was that the chair once in use is somewhat unstable if you move quickly from one side to another. I actually fell over in the chair while talking to folks in the barn area of the fair, so be careful! Overall, not a bad product for $10.

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