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FEMA offers grant for adding storm shelters

It's not just storm victims who may be thinking about new construction at their house. FEMA offers at least $33 million in grants to any homeowner who wants to add a safe room or storm shelter to their house, not just storm victims.

FEMA representatives have set up shop at Home Depot on Crestwood Boulevard in Birmingham to demonstrate how safe rooms work and why they've saved lives. FEMA says they'll pay for up to 75 percent of up to $4,000 worth of work for anyone who applies for and gets the grant.

"What we tell people, especially the ladies, if you want an extra room, laundry room or walk-in closet, you can build it that way," said David Curbelo, a FEMA expert. "1/16th of an inch away from the house, that way you will have an extra room in your house and still have a safe room in your house."

The deadline to apply statewide is September 1, but you have to apply to your local emergency management agency. Some cities and counties have already stopped accepting applications, others, including Birmingham are still taking applicants.

To find out how to contact your local EMA office, click here: http://ema.alabama.gov/CountyEMA/Index.cfm

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