Delaware firefighters donate fire truck to Hackleburg

From Delaware all the way to Alabama--a big donation came today to the small town of Hackleburg, which was severely damaged in the April 27 tornado. An EF-5 ripped apart the town and destroyed every single fire truck in Hackleburg. The town is so rural that their closest back up fire station is more than 15 miles away.

Monday morning the first responders at the Hackleburg Fire Department got their first sign of life returning back to normal: a big yellow fire truck, completely free, and donated from firefighters across the country. The Blades Volunteer Fire Company in Delaware donated the truck to Hackleburg.

"They didn't really have a way to get it here. And the Alabama fire chiefs wanted to make sure Hackleburg had the apparatus," Alan Martin, president of the Alabama Fire Chiefs Association, said.

A few members of the Alabama Fire Chief's Association went to Delaware to pick up the fire truck and bring it all the way to Alabama.

"They kept referring Hackleburg to their own town, because their town is of 1,800 people, their town is 1,500 approximately, and they kept saying can you imagine the devastation verses the same thing happening to us," Jon Lord, secretary of the AFCA, said.

Hackleburg Fire Chief Steve Hood had a hard time describing how much the donation meant.

"This is a blessing there's no way we could repay anyone for. There's no way we could afford a truck like this," Hood said.

The Delaware state flag will fly for a while at the station, reminding those in Hackleburg that people across the country care.

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