Long-lost class rings found in debris

HUEYTOWN, AL (WBRC) - My story is not about a personal experience with the storms but rather about something found by someone else during their clean-up in Pleasant Grove.  My family and friends have urged me to share and by no means am I a writer, so here goes.

For you to understand the impact of the story, I feel I need to give a little background information.  

My first husband, Jon Stone, and I grew up together and were good friends.  We graduated from McAdory High School together in 1990.  When we started dating in 1993, he didn't have his class ring anymore.  He had lost it and I am really not sure when or where.  

Well, on Tuesday of this week a gentleman who has been helping his parents clean-up after the storm showed up at McAdory High School with a gray pouch that had 3 rings in it. He had found it somewhere around his parents home during clean-up. One of the rings was a class ring from 1990.  

The ladies in the office at the school were determined to find out who it belonged to so they got out the yearbook from 1990.  There are initials engraved on the inside of the ring so they were able to narrow it down pretty easy.  There is also on the side of the ring a basketball player and number, making it even more evident by what they saw in the yearbook who the ring belonged to.  

Well, by now I'm sure you have figured out that the ring belongs to my husband.  How did they know how to get in touch with us?   Just so happens that a lady that I go to church with in Hueytown works in the office at McAdory High School.  So, she called me and told me about the ring.  I was absolutely floored.  How can a ring that was lost more than 18 years ago all of a sudden show up?!    

I had a meeting at the church that night so she agreed to meet me there and give me the ring.  When she pulled the ring out of the pouch I knew for sure that it was his.  We have his ring back after all this time!!  The only thing I can think of as to how it was found in Pleasant Grove is Jon spent a lot of time in Tuscaloosa at football games and hanging out with friends who were going to college and lived there.  

As far as I know, and I have questioned others too since getting the ring back, Jon never spent any time in Pleasant Grove so the pouch was most likely lost in Tuscaloosa and like so many other things that we have heard of on the news it was carried by the storms to Pleasant Grove.

But what makes this so special for me and my children is that Jon passed away Dec. 26, 2006.   Now I have one more special thing to be able to give my children that belonged to their dad. How awesome is our God to bring something so special back to us!!!!  I am so thankful for such an honest gentleman who took the time to take the ring to the school.  I pray for him and his parents as they are still cleaning up.  God is Good ALL the time, ALL the time GOD is GOOD!!!
Angie (Stone) Jones
Hueytown, AL

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

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