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The therapy of music is offered to tornado victims


Wednesday makes two weeks since many lives were turned upside down after April's tornadoes.

One business has come up with a way for those affected to relieve stress and begin to heal from dealing with so much devastation. Music therapy is the idea. The folks at Bailey Brothers Music Company are inviting tornado survivors to take part in a weekly drum circle.

It allows survivors to clear their minds and hearts and let the beat of the rhythm take control. A drum circle involves folks getting together and making music with drums and other percussion instruments.

You don't need to have any type of background in music. You just follow the directions of the person leading the drum circle which allows the group to create different types of beats.

It involves some concentration because participants have to follow the hand movements of the leader.

It's enjoyable and the leader of Tuesday night's drum circle Pastor Fredrick Harris says the rhythm of the music gives a soothing affect and takes away a lot of stress.

Fredrick Harris said, "It paints a picture for you in your mind,  just a getaway. There are times I've been playing and you're closing your eyes, just out there. It's fun and it gets them away from their troubles and problems just for a moment."

It really is meant to be therapeutic at a time when many storm victims may be experiencing depression and grief.

A drum circle will be held every Tuesday night at Bailey Brothers Music Company in 5-Points South at 7:00pm. It's free and open to anyone.

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