Mental health resources for tornado victims and survivors

Often the physical, mental and emotional trauma of living through a natural disaster has various effects on the mental health of survivors. Dr. Joseph Ackerson, a professor in UAB's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurobiology, compiled the following list of mental health resources. These resources are a good starting point to finding out what kind of help is out there for tornado survivors.

  • Alabama Psychological Association ( or 334-262-8245) for available resources including a list of licensed psychologists throughout the state of Alabama
  • Alabama Red Cross
  • Children's Behavioral Health at Children's Hospital
  • Local churches (do not hesitate to call even if you have not been to church for many years- they are wanting to reach out and help whomever they can).
  • Catholic Family Services
  • Local Mental Health Centers
  • Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR)
  • Ackerson and Associates (205-324-8499)
  • For people that have had a concussion/brain injury, the Alabama Head Injury Foundation ( and the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services.
  • Salvation Army