Tragedy and sadness in Concord

After a deadly EF-4 tornado tore through Tuscaloosa, it began making its way east, smashing right into the west Jefferson County city of Concord.

Homes were reduced to piles of rubble and the Family Life Center at a church was missing a side of its two-story building. Cars were tossed into the air like toys and landed on piles of what used to be houses. One family described how eight people crowded into the small utility room of their four bedroom house—the only piece of the house left standing after the storm. Video: Concord family survives packed in utility room

The worst tragedy in this town was the loss of two Concord Elementary students, Mikey Kreider, 10, and his sister, Lexie, 8. The mother, Michelle, also lost her life.

A hole is left in Concord with the death of Ernest Mundi, the owner of Steve's Grocery. Residents say the store was the center of the town, but after losing the man behind the shop, people say the town may never be the same. Video: Steve's Grocery owner dies, leaves hole in Concord.

The bus belonging to the Concord Highland Baptist Church was found several hundred yards away from the church. Video: Family barely survives in their bathroom.

The tornado that ripped through Concord was rated an EF-4, but in the end it doesn't really matter what the tornado was classified. People there are just trying to keep the faith and take their recovery one day at a time. Video: What is an EF-4?

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