Odenville tornado a preview for St. Clair County

While most damage in this area was caused by straight line winds up to this point, an EF-2 tornado with winds up to 120 miles per hour damaged homes starting at 6:14 a.m. near 900 Petty Rd. in Odenville. The tornado traveled nearly four miles before lifting at 60 Cedar Ln. in Ashville.

Nearly all of St. Clair County suffered strong damage from this tornado. The Shadydale Motor Home Park in Pell City saw several down trees homes, and one woman was taken to the hospital after a tree fell through her home.

The Pell City Library was damaged and an operations center for the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department had a communication tower brought down.

In Odenville, where the tornado began tracking, trees came down on buildings, houses and cars. Cell phone coverage went out and an 18-wheeler was flipped. Some homes in the area were destroyed. Video: Odenville homeowner talks about surviving tornado

In the nearby town of Margaret, citizens experienced a water shortage after an uprooted tree pulled a pipe out of the ground that fed water from the supply in Odenville. Not only that, power went out at these main wells, making water sparse for all of the areas it supplies. Video: Water levels sparse in St. Clair County

One woman, Sandra Gayle McCrory, 56, of Moody was killed in the storm. Apartment damage in the area was also reported, along with down trees and structural damage.

Sadly, this was only a scratch to St. Clair County's surface. At 6:23 p.m. Wednesday, an EF-4 tornado tore through the county leaving hundreds homeless and several dead.

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