Cars, homes smashed by trees in Cahaba Heights

An EF-2 tornado touched down at 5:54 a.m. near 2014 County Ridge Pl. in Birmingham. The twister continued at speeds of 120 miles per hour for nearly eight miles before lifting near 2731 Grants Mill Rd. Uprooted and snapped trees falling on homes and cars caused the most significant damage in this area.

Early on an entire shopping center on the back road to The Summit was blocked off by fallen trees and sustained damage.

One death was reported due to this storm, however it occurred once the twister had passed. The Jefferson County Coroner's office said a Milton Edward Baker Sr., 68, of Vestavia Hills was killed Wednesday morning while he was cleaning up after the storms. He was reported to have been standing near his son while his son cut a tree off of a car. A limb that fell from the tree landed on the man's head, killing him.

On the Sunday after the storms, Mountain Brook Community Church welcomed anyone in Cahaba Heights, even after it received structural damage. The service started with a special prayer for those affected by the storm and its main message was one of hope.

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