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St. Clair County suffers severe storm damage


St. Clair County suffered strong damage under the Wednesday morning storms.

The Shadydale Motor Home Park, east of downtown Pell City, saw several trees down on houses and mobile homes. Neighbors in the area report one woman who lives in a trailer was taken to the hospital this morning when a tree fell through her home.

Downtown Pell City saw a major power outage along with the damage. The Pell City Library was damaged and an operations center for the St. Clair County Sheriff's Department had a communications tower bought down. Motorola is on the scene to help restore the department's communications capability. There is no word if emergency calls were affected by the tower's destruction.

In Odenville, several trees have been reported to be down with trees on buildings, houses and cars. A tree across Sanie Road has been cleared off by crews. Watch the video on the MyFoxAL YouTube channel. Cell phone coverage in the Odenville area has been reported to be out. An 18-wheeler is reported to have been flipped.

Some Odenville houses have been destroyed by the high winds. The wife of one homeowner whose house was destroyed was taken to the hospital after suffering back pain.

A death has been reported in Moody. A source says the person lived near Kelly Creek Road. Apartment damage has also been reported. Several trees are down and structural damage can be seen in the area.

The town of Margaret is reporting a water shortage. The storms caused damage to the water system by knocking water wells offline.

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